A highly creative visionary who can turn his hand to any challenge and produce award winning results. Founding SlingShot Cartel was always about being able to make innovative games the way they should be made, with the best people and latest tools and tech.  The culture and biography of SlingShot Cartel speaks to the success of this goal with Jamie’s creative vision and direction being at the forefront of everything that we make.  As Creative Director he is able to get the very best out of any team to deliver on his creative vision, whether it be on a film set, in the mocap studio, the art style or in the recording studio.  Creatively he spans hand drawn, 3D, music, film, animation and all other aspects of game development applying intense attention to detail resulting in AAA quality every time.

Jamie has worked with multi million dollar budgets over his 17 years in the industry, being heavily involved in all the marketing and PR needs of each game. His first titles produced were the hugely successful Colin McRae Rally 2 & 3. He then went on to found FreeStyleGames, The critically acclaimed, award winning studio behind, BBoy the Buzz Jnr series and the studio's crowning glories DJ Hero and Guitar Hero Live.




Gareth is an extremely creative individual with a passion for telling stories. He started his career in the video games industry 14 years ago as a concept artist and worked his way up to becoming an Art Director at a world leading creative game studio. Gareth's ability to lead a team combined with his skill in problem solving has enabled him to work in several different disciplines from Video games to VFX and motion graphics to film.

The future of the entertainment industry is extremely exciting and Gareth is passionate about finding new ways of telling stories through the technologies that are rapidly evolving around us.

He has a unique style and a wild imagination. All of which is put to use bringing wonderful worlds to life and giving gamers new places to get lost in.




David has co-founded and run successful AAA studios and seed funded world class mobile studios. With a career spanning all 4 generations of disc-based consoles, his primary focus has been the vision, design and game-play of whole games and franchises.  He's been involved in the birth and launch of more than 8 new franchises during his career, spanning multiple releases and platforms as well as working on many more titles on established franchises such as Guitar Hero.

Having worked on both sides of the traditional Publisher / Developer relationship – this experience allows him to be the bridge between the two sides during development. Whilst maintaining a bird's eye view of the game he is able to communicate at a low level both technically and creatively with the development team and facilitate solutions to issues that occur during software development.





Spanning both the Product and Project Management sides of creative development, Jon turns original thought into a concrete specification for development.

Through understanding the market, he seeks to position the game for the greatest chance of success throughout its life, ensuring we prioritise what’s most important to our players. Jon searches and selects from the best experts and service providers and fuses them together into a project team. He creates the structure to help the team quickly find their rhythm and steers them to deliver our creative vision at the highest quality, on time and on budget.

At University, Jon gained a degree in Physics and a Masters degree in Technology & Innovation Management whilst learning creative management through filmmaking. He began his career as a Consultant at Deloitte before returning to creative management in the videogames industry at Relentless Software and FreeStyleGames.